Resident Engagement at The Residence at Shelburne Bay

Resident Engagement Calendar

One of the keys to healthy living is an active and varied lifestyle that combines fun with intellectual challenge and recreation.  At The Residence at Shelburne Bay, each day is filled with education, culture and opportunities for physical activity.

Interesting things to do are always just outside your apartment door.  You can choose from interactive art and music programs, organized games and recreation, or craft and skill-building activities.  Add in excursions to the area’s many attractions and you’ll see why our residents are always on the go.

Each resident can choose their own pace, and enjoy a rich and challenging lifestyle!

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Living room common area with chessboard at The Residence at Shelburne Bay.

"I'm just so happy we found you and your staff to care for my Mom. I really feel she is well cared for and treated with kindness and respect. This is so reassuring to me and I so appreciate your wonderful staff and especially you for all that you do!"

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